It’s Not Just Women Who Suffer

Today was a very thought provoking kind of day, the day that makes me question if everything I have been told about myself is true. I started to analyze my outer beauty, which is something I started to care about when my mom told me I needed to watch my weight. Today as a “life coach” an engineer talked to me about his marriage and to sum it all up he asked me what was the difference between guilt and shame. Me, being a woman and having ADD, I kind of looked at it from a different angle overanalyzing those two words just like he would in his engineer mind. He simply told me guilt is when you yourself place that problem on yourself and shame is when others place problems on you. With this in mind, I love my mother to death, BUT just because she had “weight” issues growing up does not mean I have to obsess over what I think was not very important to me. When I was little I never cared about how I looked until the talk of weight was set in place, and today I realized that despite any efforts of losing weight as long as I am healthy and in peace with myself that is all that really matters at the end of the day. Even guys out there we all have something we are led to believe when in reality we should love ourselves and learn to accept ourselves, but hey I’m not saying we can’t change ourselves. We can if we are feeling like we are gaining or losing too much weight then change it, that’s all it takes if you don’t like something about yourself then there’s two options you either accept it or change it otherwise you’ll dwell into a spiral of obsession.

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