Men Who Shame Women

Okay so you’re looking at this title and thinking, “Oh great she’s just another feminist trying to change the world.” In fact in a way yes I am, because this is a touchy subject for most people and when they think of women power the majority of people are perplexed at the idea of women fending for themselves. I’m not here to judge, because I’ve been through my share of stuff from a messy breakup that yeah went sour and ended largely because I ended it no matter what I had to do. To figuring out how to fend for myself being a first generation Latina. Yeah my dad wasn’t around, but I don’t hate men! I actually had a love for learning, experiences and was a girl who loved God. I thought the world was all good, but boy was I wrong. The experiences one goes through are all different so no matter where you are in life, even to the women and guys who are in sex trafficking you are not in the wrong! The experience of someone taking advantage of you whether that is physically or mentally does not mean you are a bad person. I know I can’t change your mind, but you are not alone. One “man” who could change your mind and the only one is God Himself, with all due respect. I want to start up a blog with some of the things I experienced working as a self employed “life coach” to men and women alike who deep down, (cough cough, if they’re not sociopaths that is) are just looking for love and deep meaningful connections. No matter where you are right now if I met you I would think you were a strong, beautiful woman who just was led into a wrong path. I’m not here to shove religion down your throat, because graduating from a christian college some people were not willing to look at things from all angles BUT I respect that because perhaps their experiences were different. Whatever story or if you need to email me with anything I’m here to listen to you and empathize without judgements. I say I don’t hate men and that’s because I know God made men stronger (blah, blah, blah), and as woman we can’t let that scare us, because like Eve God made us His finishing touch. His finishing touch of a painting, which is what this world needs more of. I’m just here to raise awareness that as a society there are men, who are perhaps intimidated by women who are independent, that are not being proper men of God. I say this, because as a society “these” men, (who are just wimps in my opinion) try to belittle women for their own pride and ego and to show that they are in control. Well I’m here to say you’re NOT, instead you guys need to respect us and encourage us to grow into the beautiful women we were meant to be.

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