Today as I was driving to go get my chai tea latte at Starbucks I pulled up and had my app ready to go. The gentleman kind of gave me a confused look as I had my app out and proceeds to tell me, “the car in front of you actually paid for your drink,” and I replied “thank you” with a smile on my face. I then had a thought and told him, “Well since my drink is paid for may I pay for the person’s drink behind me” and the cashier says “way to keep it up!” That right there was a simple reminder in life despite my mood today, which I was slightly irritated, that life is sometimes about bringing someone a smile even if it’s through a simple coffee drink to helping those in need. One can choose to either be irritated at problems or to resolve the problem. I’ll share a poem below I wrote a few months ago, which was the perfect opportunity to share.


Smile more

Let the small amount of sun radiate

Into the soul

The simple things in life

From the sweet scent of bitter coldness

To the soul searching of a beautiful being

The road to happiness is the simple life

The roads may be filled with greed

That, at times, won’t allow the simple life

A simple gesture to those in need may cure that amount of greed

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