Why Pharmaceutical Companies Are Better Than the Local Drug Dealer


I get it when it comes to pharmaceutical companies there is a big misconception that they are just a scam in order to make a profit off people. The local drug dealer also makes a large profit in comparison to who they sell their product to. Here I will list four reasons why pharmaceutical companies are beneficial despite what many people say.

  1. Some of the ingredients pharmaceutical companies list are found somewhere online, and one can use organic chemistry to actually detect if the product has everything that was listed. On the contrary, with drug dealers one may not be aware of all the added ingredient the seller may have placed in that drug. Just like with the trending drug krocadile, a few years back, the sellers whom were obviously not scientists sold this addicting drug to people and they proceeded to rot by means of a flesh-eating disorder caused by such a drug. I have yet to hear the pharmaceutical company cause people to become addicted to a flesh-eating disorder drug.
  2. A big pharmaceutical company, like Pfizer, are successful due to giving to others in need especially in regard to education and helping minorities obtain a better life. The company donates so much money and it’s a good thing for the community in order for their people to be a beneficiary to society. Drug dealers can be very selfish and obtain as much money for themselves and are willing to go the extra mile to kill in order to obtain such power and money.
  3. Big businesses are protected through insurance, and if they are in a lawsuit they normally have the money backed up for doing any damage to an individual due to their products. Drug dealers can care less if the drug they sold to someone led to their death, so there is no compassion or compensation for the individual’s health. The drug dealer also holds the risk of losing everything, since the money they make is not backed up by anything.
  4. Lastly, companies like Pfizer, offer people benefits in order to care for their family as well and invest in themselves. Companies also give people opportunities to grow with them and obtain a larger salary, and they go as far as even helping one reach a higher intellectual level in order to obtain a higher paying job that is perhaps less demanding. Drug dealing is unreliable, and there are no opportunities to become bigger unless there is the use of violence. The opportunity to grow is not in play, so the drug dealer has to resort to manipulation of threats (threats to their loved ones too) in order for them to make any large sum of money.

I’m just showing a different perspective on the pharmaceutical companies and why such companies are developed, because ultimately the drug is actually helpful for any disorder the individual has. If a pill is used as intended then the person can live a simple and happy life without the stress of violence.

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