Through Science One Can Discover Their Calling


What is the point of science? Science is a system where we learn how the world works around us, and by having such knowledge we can facilitate the knowledge to make science better. Through creativity one can view the discipline of science as a form of art that keeps molding into better ideas. Since we are given problems throughout our lives, especially in schools, it is fair to assume there must be solutions. Just like giving and taking, and by having both dynamics of takers and givers the world is balanced to give us problems to solve, even through the beauty of science.

We all have different experiences that mold our train of thought. The experiences we have been through have shaped our perceptions of who we are. The past in essence can define some people if one allows the mind to become closed in on their past. Instead let the experiences be a spark of fire for one’s life to explore their calling for the greater good. New ideas are possible from the creativity that the creator instills in each and every one of us. We are meant to be the creation of the creator, and to doubt the creator is to doubt creation, which is to doubt ourselves as humans. When one chooses to yearn, and seek the creator there will be inspiration, which stems from powerful emotions one has felt. To feel such emotions are ways in which we are pushed to become better for the good of others. From neglect to death of loved ones, the emotions we express are what makes us a different species. All of science has yet to delve into the unknown, which consists of our Creator, but once the unknown is known our Creator will provide and gift those who seek Him the wisdom we need to serve.

There are many who seek superficial happiness through people and riches, but without God life is dull and full of struggle and unfulfilled happiness. Alternatively, with God no religion is quite “correct”, because we all have different journeys to take. With God life is no longer looked at with a struggle, but with a renewing mindset of anything being possible. Despite our human weakness and “sins” we have committed, the most important relationship is ultimately being in union with God, which is perhaps the most essential relationship one should choose to seek. People may judge, but that judgement is ultimately decided by God. For with God there is no death for there is a sense of joy to know that our purpose in life has been revealed by our Creator and ultimately to give is in the heart of people. Whatever “bad” that was in our past is there in order to give us a guideline of the struggles and consequences we have endured and possibly learn from such experiences. To sin does not mean we are marked to be evildoers. To sin means we realize how weak our will is and to humble one’s self to realize such weakness that the only choice is to find the guidance of God. Science gives us a broad spectrum of disciplines in the world, especially in regard to medicine, and if one were to apply such habits of doctors one can discover that through hard work, relationships, empathy, compassion, and love healing is possible. With science healing is possible for people, and that is why education is so important. Yeah prices are skyrocketing, but with managing one’s finances one can slowly and patiently pay off their debt and at the end of it all appreciate their education a lot more since they literally worked for it and in a strange way learned about God as well.

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