You are Enough

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I have been reading through The Mind of God, and much of what Dr. Jay Lombard states and questions are the ethos of discovering that through medicine and science one can find their soul. We can obtain facts over and over again, but facts just like when I was in college are easily forgotten after an exam. Until I gave myself time to reflect and attain peaceful solitude, the dots of creation finally made sense. We look out into nature and everything is the way it is, because with learning one discovers that humans have the mind to create. Our creator made us to be creative and it shows through art, surgery, even in engineering to just about every profession there is creativity at the heart of all businesses. When we acquire the proper knowledge, which education comes into play then we are able to gain the experience after college. We learn to care for ourselves first in order to care for others. Then we learn to gain empathy and compassion towards each other to evolve into our highest spiritual state of mind. When we empathize with each other we can feel their energy, just like in a relationship. If the relationship brings a lack of joy, love, hope and forgiveness then through these simple feelings we can know we are in a negative relationship and if there is joy, love, hope and forgiveness present then there is a positive relationship.

We all go through changes in life, and we start to wonder, “What is the point of our existence?” The point of our existence is to find our soul, which has been closed in due to our traumatic experiences. When we keep living in those traumatic experiences repeatedly we don’t let the past go. We experience depression, and in relationships sometimes the depression is due to being stuck in the past and the hurt that was done to us. Instead we can learn to love our partner and also giving them proper time to become their own individuals. We are all going through changes throughout the year, which is why spontaneity is important. Jesus was spontaneous, he wept, partied, he was an introvert and an extrovert, and he even questioned if God loved Him. This shows that living Jesus-like means we will experience such a broad spectrum of emotions and these emotions are what makes us human and helps connect us to God and love. We are humans who are connected just like on LinkedIn and Facebook they are connecting people to each other in order to establish relationships/friendships with one another.

To acquire such empathy that is the reason children are made, because children can facilitate the process of empathy in people. I remember taking care of my little brother at the age of nine, and then my little sister at the beginning of my freshman year in college. I learned empathy at a very young age, and I learned to forgive because children always make mistake. They are in need of an individual, and if they are properly reared then they wouldn’t experience situations that make them feel inadequate. They are children who are still filled with eager hope and love to one another, and they love to play. This type of behavior is what many lack due to the fear of vulnerability and being hurt due to their experiences, but once one lets go of the guilt, shame and forgives everyone including their own self that is when one will truly discover an awakening of the mind, body and soul. Like human beings that connect we also must connect our own selves to facilitate the greater of humanity.

The most important part of people are ultimately experiences that they have gone through. Why is experience so important? Well with experience just like in science one is able to go through the process of an experiment and sometimes due to lack of full knowledge and reasons the student may fail and find other ways to succeed in science. One can also excel in an experiment and have a positive result since they have the proper knowledge and concept of why the experiment should be done a certain way. Without experimenting ourselves, at times, it is hard to develop the proper knowledge of who God truly is.

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