The Importance of a New Year

As we hit another new year it’s exciting to look back and see how much we grew mentally, spiritually, and emotionally (that is if you’re an adult if not then also physically). Looking back at this past year of 2017 I took a year to really meditate and focus on what life is all about. It was a scary year where I learned to think logically with my emotions, but also to allow myself to be vulnerable and cry out my emotions. There is a balance when it comes to growing as a person, and I will list three ways where one can grow to find true meaning and happiness in one’s life.

1. Mentally one can keep on learning and strive to become better at activities that one finds exciting. I really learned how to become a better cook and view them as experiments and by doing so I allowed myself to try different methods and to discover the best choice as far as flavor goes. Also by taking the time to clean I figured out the the reason behind that, which is we are humans who can make a mess but we also have the capacity to organize and clean in order to better find our items so we won’t have to go buying them again due to losing stuff all the time. Even learning a new language can be a different exciting thing to do and to get to know different people who inside are just humans at heart.

2. Spiritually one can take time to discover the importance of quietness and how to balance such an important aspect of life. Even people with children take time to practice quietness even if it’s for 15 minutes and help kids develop such an important trait.

3. Lastly, on an emotional level one can realize to embrace having appropriate emotions at the right time. We are human, and it is perfectly okay to be vulnerable to one’s spouse and loved ones. One must also have an understanding that at times one must be logical and understand that being logical at times might be more important than emotions and again it all depends on one’s circumstance.

I hope that this year of 2018 will bring you closer to your goals and you may come to realize the importance of people in our lives!

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