What Does Success Look Like?

Is success a financial issue where money is a vital necessity in order to be happy or is success being good to one another? Success is actually much deeper and when people tend to think of financial stability as the only staple to success, then there is a lack of awareness that success is finding comfort and confidence in one’s self to know that one is able to endure all the trials and tribulations placed in their path. Despite all the trials there were these “problems” that helped an individual grow into  finding solutions to these problems. In life, we can either view problems in a negative light which spirals into negative events or in a positive light where problems are vital to find the bigger picture as in the solution and this type of positive thinking, in my opinion, is what success means. Success to me is being in balance with the person I am no matter what life throws at me, and it’s okay to say no. 

One of the biggest struggles I had was finding a job in my field, but once I realized that life is about giving I also came to the realization that a job won’t define the person I am. We  all have the potential to be whoever in life, and if a direction is pushed towards something not expected there comes a calmness that in God’s timing He really showed me the ways of letting go of control and letting Him direct me. Yeah I might have to “restart” and go to school again, but this time it’s different because I am forever thankful to have had the opportunity to take some time to think about what is important in life. I use to think money and reputation were important, but instead it’s the relationships we have with people and the memories we experienced. Even a simple walk with my puppy is something I can’t take for granted.IMG_7506

Living happy is  living in balance and accepting that as humans we should view each other as family and just be a positive light to those going through struggles. Success is about being part of the solution of helping people with their needs when they have no one to  help them. It’s expressing gratitude for those who were so important at that specific time to help and for everyone who has been there for me, even as a friend, I want to say thank you, because you were part of  my journey to find my soul. 

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