Forgive my wrong  doings

For evil was brewing into ruins

What is good and what is bad?

This simple question makes me go mad

Without the brokenness of our human side

There would have been days I would not have cried

Utopia of this world is meeting the needs of others

Identifying that everyone should be our brother’s


What is life without love?

It’s simply a state to be proud of

An egoistic state of human pride

Where that is the only guide

Forgive my sins God

For things I’ve done is not worth an applaude


What is the point of living?

It’s the simple act of giving and forgiving

Let me breath in the air of love

Where I have once been neglectful of

The point of giving and forgiving

Frees us from this standard of living

Open our minds to love

Where our inner child’s heart is innocent ofIMG_0258

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