Five Healthy Hobbies to Pick Up This Summer


It’s a high of 78 degrees here in Indianapolis (FINALLY…Thank you Jesus!), and even just stepping outside for a smell of the warm wind inside my nostrils was refreshing. Summer dresses and shorts season is so close to coming! Getting ready for summer season and staying on track to a healthier year is easier said than done, but I will be able to give out a few fun activities one can participate in to stay in shape and healthy this summer.

  1. Biking. I’ve always loved cycling, and it’s such a fun activity since you can literally go miles and miles on the road and that seems to add to one’s motivation. Now that summer is here, go buy/rent a bike (there’s bikes everywhere around South Bend, IN!) If your town offers bikes for rent or such then go hop on for about a half hour up to an hour. Looking for a road to bike safely on? Go get you phones and look up an app, like MapmyRide, and it will map out your route. Public Safety Note: wear a helmet unless you don’t care about your brains.
  2. Running/Walking. When I lived in the middle of nowhere for the summer I remember joining a running club, which was at 5AM (So hard to wake up early I KNOW!), and that kept me motivated to go and keep running. It’s a free activity, and most schools will have a track not being in use during specific hours. Go get your group of friends and motivate each other to meet at a track a few times out of the week (even if it’s just a park) and get yourself moving.
  3. Swimming. I have a confession to make, I am not a swimmer and I have zero interest in learning how to swim (that’s what floatation devices and boats were made for..only kidding but in my case absolutely). Anyways for those of you who love the water then this is a perfect activity. Have a pool in your community and/or backyard? Well you’re in luck if you can stay afloat and you love the water feel free to burn 400-600 calories per hour. 
  4. Rowing. “START 1,2,3,4…..END….START 1,2,3,4….END” I would be woken up to the rowers chanting the previous statement every single morning, just like clockwork. I remember going out for a run every morning near South Bend’s River next to Howard Park, and it was pleasant to always see and hear the teams yelling numbers and rowing their boats. They were competitors for Notre Dame, but you don’t have to be a professional to join in on this activity. Go get a row boat, and build up those arm muscles.
  5. Yoga Outside. The sun warming up your muscles and nature’s wind blowing on you in a 80 degree atmosphere, and doing some yoga that is very relaxing for the body, mind, and spirit. Go invite some friends, bring your laptop, mats, and some yoga videos, and you are all set to practice yoga. 

Summer is fast approaching, so get you tush out of the couch and go get a healthy hobby! It’ll keep you pretty happy all day too, which is always worth it once those endorphins start kicking in. 

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