Four Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot This Year


  1. You can get the flu twice in a year. Once should be enough to endure the flu, but twice? Since there’s different viruses of the flu, then one type of virus can make you really sick, while a different strain can place you in the same boat.
  2. Having the flu can potentially kill you. This year so far in the year of 2018 there have been 172 deaths in children.1 Make sure your children also get vaccinated to prevent any future hospital visits. As of this year, Florida has had a child die from the Influenza B virus.2
  3. To prevent giving the flu to others. Learn to be selfless, and do your good deed for the year to prevent exposing someone else with the flu. When is the perfect time to get it? Now! Plus, your insurance should cover the flu shot if not your local pharmacy should offer them for a low price.
  4. To prevent a pandemic that can affect a lot of your fellow workers. It’s a domino effect if one person has the flu and another individual is not vaccinated then the individuals infected with the flu virus can pass the virus on to hundreds of people. That’s not a healthy way to connect for human beings.






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