Potential Ban of Cigarettes in Hawaii

sunset beach palm trees hawaii
Photo by Thomas on Pexels.com

The 50th state where billboards are banned, and in my opinion, that might be a smart idea since we could focus more on the beauty of nature could very well be the first state to hopefully one day ban the use of cigarettes and that state would be Hawaii. By 2024 Hawaii is determined to ban the sales of cigarettes and yes, it’s only February of 2019 and there’s perhaps a fair amount of years until other states may follow suit. Although such a statement about the total ban of cigarettes for Hawaii is being talked about there is still not a 100% guarantee, but it does give those who are smoking now perhaps a new motivator to quit. Why wait until 2024 and on to quit when you can possibly wean off quitting now. Yeah January is over and done with, but that doesn’t mean to wait until next year to kick a bad habit.
In fact, quitting at any stage in your life means added quality years to your life and by kicking a bad habit you can switch by perhaps adding an exercise regimen that can give you those endorphins your brain loves and craves. Every year 480,000 die from cigarette smoking that can lead to diseases ranging from type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer to emphysema.1 To limit the death tolls associated with smoking also means an advantage for our nation which is less money spent on healthcare. Treatment for diseases described above can cost a lot especially the uninsured where out of pocket expenses are ridiculously high. The chart below also gives us some insight on just how much cigarette use can cost the whole nation.


To embark on the quitting journey, make sure you surround yourself with supportive people who will help you quit and try to pick up healthy habits. One key connection to make to support your plan of smoking cessation could also be your doctor, since they would be able to provide you with a treatment plan that will help you kick out the nicotine habit. Doctors also help identify any other needs you may need, including counseling and support.
If there’s an increasing craving to smoke instead of going back take a walk outside and try to incorporate new healthy strategies. Some healthy habits that can be incorporated may perhaps include going for a bike ride, journaling, picking up a new art hobby, or signing up for the next 5K run in your area. Stay happy and healthy!



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2Tips From Former Smokers. AAFP Home. https://www.aafp.org/patient-care/public-health/tobacco-nicotine/cdc-tips.html. Published February 2, 2016. Accessed February 5, 2019.

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