Coronavirus Dreams


I absolutely enjoy public health, but just last night I had a dream about the coronavirus. I woke up from my dream recalling that I was working with my mom at a restaurant and the difference was we were wearing hazmat-like suits. When we approached the elevator only one person was allowed and keeping one’s distance was important. Fortunately, I woke up before having anything scary happen, so I must say this Covid-19 might just be getting to me subconsciously in one way or the other.

Honestly when coronavirus was first mentioned on the news I kind of just rested assured that the virus was not much to worry about. Fast forward a few months the NCAA tournaments were canceled, and at that moment there was an “uh-oh” kind of moment, since who cancels tournaments that bring in so much money unless this virus is a big deal! From that moment on there was a domino effect felt almost world-wide of events being postponed, places closing, people switching to working at-home, and even knowing people who have gotten the virus.

With the United States being number one in the amount of confirmed counts of coronavirus that also meant a pay cut for those working at hospitals, which is unfair since they are the one’s willing to help those with the virus. This virus is definitely being felt in every industry, but hopefully this apex comes sooner than expected and our numbers come down. Also with the approaching date of 04/20/20 for those spring breakers that still don’t want to sit still if you try to take a trip to Colorado then you might just face the consequences of 18 months in jail and a $5000 fee. So, stay home, stay protected (wear some sort of mask when out grocery shopping), and stay safe!

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