Building up a Gratitude Based Mindset

Sometimes life is hard and it’s difficult to appreciate the small things in life, so here I give a few ways on building up to a thankful mind.

Gratitude statements

Start your morning with a question, “What am I grateful for today?” When I wake up some of the things I’m most grateful for is my coffee in the morning and being able to see the sun every morning since it’s a new day to conquer. As you reflect on things you’re grateful for it’ll help to remind oneself that the simple things in life are worth their weight in gold.

Appreciating those who make your life easier

Some of the mundane things of life can be taken for granted, so express gratitude and appreciation. When I’m rushing out in the morning one thing I absolutely love is when my husband makes me coffee in the morning and then I’m able to make us a quick smoothie and lunches for the day, and for that I always thank him.

Journal for inspiration

I love writing and I even keep my planners over the years, since I’ll write some random “notes of inspiration” in there, so keeping a journal where you can express your feelings for the day and even place your list on things you’re grateful for can help build up a good mindset. As I reflect back on some of my notes or even pages of my thoughts it’s always nice to go back to all my notes and to use some of that to inspire me to become the best version of myself.

Appreciate yourself

At work it’s always heartwarming when my boss tells me they appreciate all the work that we’re doing as a team, but it’s equally important to show some appreciation for yourself. Show kindness and forgiveness to yourself and know that you’re being the best mother, friend, wife, husband, etc. that you can be at this moment. Even appreciating yourself for doing simple things like getting a physical that you’ve been meaning to do to being able to get your family ready in the morning. Those simple things build up to be able to know that you’re enough and you’re doing what you can.

Bye, bye negative thoughts

Personally as a woman with ADHD there’s days where I can spiral through in negative thoughts or really intense emotions, so I practice yoga to stay in the moment and to notice my thoughts aren’t always rational. I’m not saying it’s bad to have a negative thought here and there, but really just reflect on it and know that there will be better days. To help with these negative thoughts, counterbalance some of these thoughts with gratitude statements, and it really can help to rewire the brain to think differently as time goes on.

So I’ll end with happy thanksgiving and I hope everyone receives all the love and blessings today and well into the next year.

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