Mexican Culture

pexels-photo-344649.jpegThey come here for a better life

Not just for themselves but for their family

They cared for their offspring to be alive

So that I among others could be here ever blessedly


The pain back home was too much to endure

They came here in flocks to work 

By taking that leap of faith was an obscure

Many still think they came here to lurk


An easier path was made for many 

They gave up everything, their wishes and dreams

Even when they came here with not a single penny

While to earn a penny my mom is still fixing up people’s seams


My mom is the best seamstress I know

Any job she had she endured

For with her hands she sows

For that’s how she kept her children assured


Hustling with any simple talent

That’s how our culture starts to evolve

Even though it was hard to keep their balance

For I give thanks for the problems they solve


Meeting our needs

So that we could succeed

That’s my Mexican culture

Where many started in agriculture

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