Building up to a Thankful Mind

Photo credit: Chang-Castillo

Last night my brother and I went to Meijers to pick up a few things for my new puppy. My brother tells me, “Don’t let me forget to get melatonin.” Once we got all the chew toys, leash, toilet paper (potty training is going to take some work!) we go to the vitamin aisle. We’re scrolling through trying to find melatonin and we get the nature valley brand. This very ingredient is in turkey and having turkey today I definitely feel the effects of sleepiness. People sometimes use the man made sleeping pill, which when reading the multitude of possible side effects it’s cons list makes it an even greater reason to not take them. Many times though we condition ourselves to take pills, because the potency of such a pharmaceutical drug is greater than what nature gives us. Does this mean we like things in excess? Perhaps we do, and it’s easy to see why. You see back then we were hunting and obtaining our food on foot. We had to work and produce energy in order to obtain energy. In essence this kept us in a homeostatic balance by means of food given to us in nature and us taking food from nature, and if relationships were based on such a concept not just one sided of soley taking or soley giving then that’s where we can appreciate and be thankful for those who have given to us in time of need as well as being thankful to help those in need then the world itself balances itself. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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